August 31, 2012

Ice Learning Center

When I put together a learning center, I sometimes imagine what a parent thinks.  For instance, I had this set up one morning:
To some, it appears as a big block of frozen water with toys frozen inside.  What I see is an opportunity to share and explore science with preschoolers and give them time to experience a hands-on activity.  They will study the physical properties of ice being melted with salt water, colored with food coloring (for visual purposes). Preschoolers can predict, experiment, explore interactions with solids and liquids and engage in conversations with each other.  All this from just a block of frozen water and toys. 
Preschool Science is a beautiful thing.   We are just scratching the surface of science with these little ones.  If I can inspire just one child, then bring on the oooey gooey science experiments.
More to come with PattyKakesKidz

August 24, 2012

Where Fairy Tales Come to Life

I found a hidden treasure only an hour away from our preschool.  There were mini lands with Humpty Dumpty, Snow White, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, and so many more fairy tales.  We explored every inch of Fairy Land where each land had a box to use a magic key.  We turned the key in each box and listened to a story or a song related to the small land we explored.  Check out some great pics of the last of our Summer Field Trips. 

 Fairyland Entrance with The Old Woman who live in a Shoe.
 Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
 Children's Church
 Follow the Yellow Brick Road
 Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Wall
 Stop to see the farm animals.
 Sliding down hill using cardboard pieces
Small Ride
 Waiting for their turn, what good friends.
 Natalia and Noli were partners in their ride.
 Piper and Ethan were partners in their ride.
 Jovani is a big kid so he gets to ride alone.
Nate wasn't too sure about the ride, so he cheered them on from the sidelines. 
 On top of Peter Pan's boat.
 Walking thru a cave with water falls all around.
 Rub a Dub Dub, 3 Men in a Tub
 Card Face from Queen of Hearts Maze, after exiting Alice and Wonderland.
Hickory Dickory Doc
The Whale that Swallowed Gepetto and Pinocchio
A Merry Go Round
A Train Ride
A city built just for the kids.  It had a hotel, bank, jail, and tower.
Beautiful Lions to pose on.

Tip Toe thru Mary Quite Contrary's Garden
Teacher Cassy stands beneath the mushroom where bubbles were being blown all day long.
Did someone say, Bubbles?
Walking along the dragon's back.
Upon exiting, there was a gorgeous tree.
A climbing we will go.

I believe this large statue was called the Matterhorn, sitting in front of Oakland's Lake Merrit.
and PattyKakes Kidz lived.....

And we hope you do too!

Happy 4th Birthday Natalia

Our friend just turned 4 years old.  She had the time of her life with friends making and enjoying cupcakes to celebrate her wonderful day.

Happy 4th Birthday to our wonderful friend, Natalia.