November 19, 2019

Later Lil Ones

This may be my last post on my blog for PattyKakesKidz.  I have had the most wonderful journey of 20 plus years loving and educating all lil ones 2-6 years old.  I will always remember each and every one of you; from your smiles to your outbursts of joy.  From diapers, to learning to read, you have always taught me something.  Yes, I may have been the teacher and owner of PattyKakesKidz, but you all have been there for me, saving my life more ways than I can express.  I love you all.

PattyKakesKidz......always ♥ 1998-2018

May 27, 2018

Here Come the Zoo Animals

Zoo Curriculum feels like a natural preschool curriculum, but we decided to tackle our projects a bit differently this month.  Check out some of the cool fun projects we did.

Painting the shadows of zoo animals that the children selected:
 Above is the set up for the children before we started our project.

Creating Textured Images of favorite Zoo Animals
We went on a zoo scavenger hunt.  The kids had to take their sheet and locate the zoo animals from around the preschool room.

Check out the final results of their beautiful textured art projects. 
The kids were being snakes along a park wall.
 Above is our Preschool work on Zoo Vocabulary and the creation of Zoo Books.

♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥

Flowers and Bees

Our weather is changing very quickly from snowy cold days to warm sunny blooming days.

Using painted hands to create the center of our group sun flower.

Dipping marker in brown paint to make little seeds in the center of our flower.

Cutting then placing petals on our flower.
Proud to be a group that works and plays together.
♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥