October 25, 2012

The Halloween Trek

This year we celebrated Halloween a bit early by going on a family Trek to the children's homes.  Each home had goodies waiting for us all and they were yummy.  Check out our kidz as we drove from home to home to gather our Halloween Goodies.

After the crazy 1 1/2 hour trekking across the bay area to all our kid's homes, we went out to lunch then 
headed home to enjoy our goodies.  
Thank you to all the PattyKakesKidz' parents.  
You made this a wonderful day.  
Happy Halloween from PattyKakesKidz!

October 14, 2012

Fall Cleaning

As our weather slowly transforms our neighborhood, the first thing we noticed is our outdoor toys that needed tending. Our dolls needed to be bathed, dried and put away.  Watch the kids here do their very own clean up.
We are enjoying the last of the warm summer sun by cleaning our babies.  Bubbles, water and enthusiastic kids make for a fun Monday morning.

Some of us choose to sit while thoroughly washing dolly hair.

Squeezing a soapy sponge over the baby doll is fun too.

More sponge squeezing.

3 boys and 3 girls all take their dolly washing very serious. 

Scrubbing those 
little dolly feet.

Someone made their baby very bubbly.

Showers are needed to remove the bubbles.

Watching friends.
Laying the babies out to dry.

I love watching the kids do the simplest of tasks.  These are just part of learning the responsibilities of life.

Oh, I had to share one last minute video, totally unrelated, but a must see.
Congratulations to Piper for her first swim:

October 7, 2012


Our annual trip to Uesugi Farms was a blast this year.  Luckily it wasn't as hot as it normally has been in the past.  The kids had way too much fun, from a train ride to a cornfield maze.  Check out our 
fun times we had 
by following us below:

We started off with our pose, right at the entrance. Check out our kiddos in their home-made black t-shirts.

The kids followed the docent with the purple pom pom so politely.

Yay, the train ride begins.

The kids were all searching for the 5 golden pumpkins.

There were scarecrows everywhere.

They were so cute and funny looking.

The view across the fields was beautiful too.

They looked everywhere for those golden pumpkins.

Still looking.

Still looking.

And here is our first, golden pumpkin.

The entrance to our cornfield maze.

Walking along the inside of the field, there were beautiful, colorful boards that taught us all about the bees.

Someone wanted to kiss the bee to thank them for giving us honey.

Someone else wanted to kiss the ladybug just for being so cute.

Posing in front of the snail.

It's hard to see, but here is our friend posing in front of the spider.


Another spider fan.

Reaching the end of the maze.

We then head over to the bee booth and press our ears against the bee hive.  

Next, the 
Pumpkin Lab

Rules before the Sugar Pie Patch and Dora Pumpkin Patch.

Belly button to belly button.

Bring on the Hay Stacks.

Yes, she is jumping into the middle of the hay.  And it was everywhere!


Making new friends.

and keeping old ones. 
Remember me saying, the hay was everywhere?  

To this day, 3 days later, I am still finding hay in my home. 

You have no idea how hard it was to get a group shot.  For some minor miracle, we actually got 21 kids corralled out of a group of 36.

The pictures I don't have are the fun luncheon, the kids dancing on the dance floor, the herding to the bathrooms and the kids falling asleep after the long day of fun.  This has always been one of my favorite annual trips.  
Until next year with PattyKakesKidz. 

  Just had to get one last picture in front 
of the John Deere!