December 15, 2017

Fa Fa Fa-reeezing in Antarctica

Put on those warm coats and gloves.
Were going to Antarctica

 Morning set up: Arctic animals frozen in sea water.  

How do we get these guys out?

Salt water, eye droppers, and lots of patience!

 We headed to our morning park trip and they didn't want to go unless we dragged all our activities over there.  They continued to rescue the arctic animals.
We learned about wildlife in Antarctica. 
Did you know the Puffin is a bird and looks very much like a penguin.  Puffin do not live in Antarctica though, but penguins do.

The Emperor Penguin can stand as tall as 5 feet.  How tall are you?

Let's practice some of our fine motor skills by sewing.

The Polar Bear has a thick white coat to help camouflage him in the snow.  Can you see our Polar bear here?

Some beginning reading of sounds and matching arctic images.

A handful of related books we read.

Making a home in Antarctica is not as easy as it looks. 

And.....we do NOT eat glue covered sugar cubes, right?


Well, that wraps up our trip to the cold Antarctica.  Before we go, let me introduce you to; Zoey.  She brought a friend today named Leo.  He's just a young elf who is in training.  Zoey is showing him the ropes on how to watch over the children and report back to Santa.  They were a cute couple of elves this week.  I hope Leo learns lots of great things about PattyKakesKidz!