February 27, 2016

Down in the Pond with my Little Froggies

It's been a really fun and educational week here with our little ones at PattyKakesKidz.  Check out all our fun on learning about Pond Life.  

Let's explore our local creek.

Looking for frogs and insects was so much fun!

We found eggs along side rocks which was a thrill for this little guy.

Fishing throwing contest over the bridge.

They threw in some Fishy Crackers and we raced them all the way to the park.

They wanted so badly to cross over and check out the creek, but safety first!

Making froggy puppets.

Froggy with pink heart eyes.

Our little group is growing strong.

Our silly dragonflies.

Scissor practice.  Can you cut along the line to the pond creature?  Sure, and we can color it too.

Sequencing and Science.

Can you match the Frog Life Cycle in the correct sequence?

 Combining Art & Science  with the little ones.

With all this beautiful weather, let's do some outside painting of the pond life we are learning about.

There's the water running between the sun and the earth.

The last project of the week; making a Dragonfly Home.

Painting their home.

The importance of play as well as curriculum.  

Play will always be the number one way to learn our social skills, sharing and caring, and developing fine and large motor skills.  Check out some of our kiddos on a day to day basis here at PattyKakesKidz.

Thanks for joining us to see what we've been up to at PattyKakesKidz.

Until next week!

February 15, 2016

Beautiful Days at PattyKakesKidz

We are entering week two at our new location in Sonora California.  It's been nothing but beautiful.  Join me as I show you our week here:

Dramatic Play
Not only are the children learning about social skills, they are also learning how to work and play together.  They are learning about cooking, careers, sharing, negotiating, counting, manners and friendships.

Look mom, I'm a chef!

What can we get you?  Our desserts are really good.

Let me see how this all looks and tastes.

From a Chef to a Musician:

Music at mealtime is so relaxing.

How about we work as a team to make this meal?

Sure new friend!

We need to get a few more groceries to continue cooking.

Off to the store me and my baby go. 

Fine Motor Skills
Time to make a little something for moms on Valentine's Day.  

Little do they know we are working on our fine motor skills. 

I can count to 10!

Mixing Colors to Make Pink
Children often have favorite colors, but knowing how to create these colors can sometimes feel magical.
What fun to use a big fluffy pink pom pom to mix red and white to make pink.

Magnetic Fun 

Starts with magnetic fishing game with our friends.

How about a Magnetic Board. What sticks and what doesn't?

I think I'll try to make these large magnetic balls 

Hmmmm? Balls won't stick, but they do stick to the sticks

It looks like a 3D City from where I'm standing.
 ♥ Wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day from PattyKakesKidz ♥