October 28, 2011

Hiller Aviation Museum-San Carlos

We saw the most beautiful, historical planes from the early 1900s.  We rode in helicopters, airplanes and explored the cockpit of a Boeing 747.  We watched planes fly in and head out right at the runway sides.
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Upon entering, we come across a floor full of wooden planes to explore and ride, plus a small cockpit for the kids to play in.


 Upon walking into the museum, we come across a blend of Halloween and some historical aircrafts.

Wind Tunnel of Stanford University, dated 1915

 Watch our kids flying the Blue Angel.

                                                 A Helicopter Flight

Beautiful Aircrafts


Seated inside the
Boeing 747

Take Flight, inside the Cockpit
The cool thing was that we could hear the local tower talking to the incoming planes.

The kids stood right at the sides of the runway watching planes fly in and take off.  One plane even circled around so they could wave to the kidz.  There were screams of excitement coming from all kids.  Well, me too LOL!
We wrapped up our day with lunch near the airport and a 40 minute drive home.  Kidz were exhausted.  Ok, so was I.  It was all worth it just to see the faces on these guys.  I took almost 200 pictures.  Wish I could show them all, but I had to keep this blog short.  Well, umm, at least as short as I could LOL.  Enjoy my friends and keep following us here weekly, with PattyKakesKidz!

October 21, 2011

Lemons Don't Always Make Lemonade

In taking a neighborhood walk to see which families were decorating for the holidays, we noticed a tree that had dropped many lemons beneath it.  The children wanted to know if we could take them to make lemonade.  Ofcourse I said, as long as we didn't pick any directly from the neighbor's tree.  So, each child picked up 2 lemons.  We hurried home and began the process of making lemonade.

The Squeezing of the Lemons (senses: smell, touch, feel).

Measuring and Making of the Lemonade (math & science)
(added water & sugar to our juice)
The Tasting of the Lemonade (sense: taste)
Conclusion: Yucky, these lemons were so bitter.  No amount of sugar could mask the horrible taste.  The kids were laughing so much and making so many faces.  We had such a blast exploring the good old fashion Lemonade process, that it didn't matter we had to throw it all down the drain.  Just proves that not all lemons make lemonade.