March 29, 2013

Airplanes and more

This week was pretty busy between our Hiller Aviation Museum fieldtrip and our Easter celebration.  The end of the week was bitter sweet going from the exhausting high of planning and implementing the planned fun to sitting and reviewing the pictures of the kids all having the time of their lives.  I'm sure you'll know what I mean after reviewing the following pictures.  
 First, we stop at the small riding toys for kids.

Our first plane as we enter the museum.


Look at this little guy's eye as he looks up and sees this plane hanging in the air.

The kids could not get enough of the exploring.  They asked relevant questions, were curious about everything and wanted to learn more.  One said they wanted to be a pilot too.

There were cars, helicopters, fighter planes, jet planes, single engine planes and so much more.

Hands on exhibits are always a big hit among the 3-5 year olds.

After a picnic lunch, we all went outdoors into the jet plane where we simulated a flight to be taken.  We role played who would be the stewardess and pretended to order food.

Can you guess who was the stewardess? LOL

"Welcome to flight 7470, may I get you a beverage before we take flight?"
Time to take flight Captain Noli.

Roger that says Co Captain Piper.
I'll be a co captain too, says Co Captain Natalia.
Then we head out to watch planes flying in and out to end our day.
Resting after a long and exciting morning.
Just a another great fieldtrip with PattyKakesKidz
Now, we head off for home, rest, and wake up to an Easter Celebration.  
Before you view the pictures below, I have to tell you how the conversation went first.  "So, I was talking to the Easter Bunny and I said, hey, you shouldn't give these kids so much candy; it's just too much.  EB says, come'on, have a heart.  I only do this once a year.  So I reply, well what about Halloween and all it's candy?  EB says, hey, I have nothing to do with that.  You'll have to take that one up with Mr. Ghost."  The kids all burst out laughing, except one little girl.  She looks at me and says, "really, did he really say that?"  Oh, too much fun.  Now, see the many pictures below and as you scroll down, just imagine the screams of excitement and joy as they rush around to find the Easter eggs (among the pit balls I through out there to confuse them LOL)

Next, I bring out all the Easter Baskets filled with goodies.
As you can see above, we had a little someone sneaking some eggs.

Happy Easter Everyone, from our home to yours.
Love, PattyKakes Kidz