June 29, 2012

Off on a Bike Race

♫Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou♫
Start Your Engines!
We beat you to the fire hydrant, squirt-squirt!
The bike switch.  Can you guess who?
Teacher Miranda gives the Shout Out; "On Your Mark!"
Go go go, hey, where did Jovani go?
Here he is, in the front, vroom, vroom!
As the bike ride comes to an end, 35 minutes later, Ethan finally gets his turn to hold the flag!
Ready, Set, GO!

June 23, 2012

Felton Redwoods

 They say nature is the best playground, and here you will see why.

We pack into our PattyKakesKidz van and begin our 45 minute journey to the Felton Redwoods.  Our first stop, the park to meet up with two other groups.

Next, we headed up to the covered bridge 
to explore with the other groups.

During the run in the bridge, my group collapsed from exhaustion LOL. (so they said)
We then head over to Railroads, first to eat lunch, then watch the train coming in.


Off to the Redwoods Visitor Center.

Next, the hike to explore redwoods, friendships, nature, oh, and banana slugs.




PattyKakesKidz say, explore your outdoors too.  
Health and Happiness to all.

June 16, 2012

Our First 2012 Summer Field Trip

Welcome to Seymour Marine Discovery Center with PattyKakesKidz and their friends from Tanya's Learning Garden.  From discovering marine life, petting  sharks, lunching off a cliff and exploring Natural Bridges beach side.  We had so much fun with some of our favorite kids.  Come see for yourself.
The group stops for a pose just before we begin our exploring.
Before we set out, the kids all sit for a docent discussion.
Petting a shark in a tank is the highlight for these PattykakesKidz.

Off on their own to explore the museum.
Please touch says the sign and that is just what we did.  Look, it's sealife.
More sealife to touch (sea cucumbers, star fish, anemone and more.
I can reach the sea cucumber, with a little help from the docent.
That starfish is a bit rough.
Exploring with a microscope. 
Watching a tutorial of sea explorations.
Sea Puzzles.
Out of all the skins, the otter was the softest. 
Fishing for magnetic fish.
Listening to teacher Cassy explain about this whale skeleton.  
(she tested them afterwards and they remembered all the answers)
Holding hands together and we were only the length of the whale's tail.
The view over the sea cliff.
A baby whale tail skeleton.
Off to Natural Bridges, just a little run through the water.
Sifting sand.
The entire group and their camp out.

Rock collecting (one fell off and then the others came tumbling down)
Enjoying the warm sun and sand.
Sand play with our friends. 
Sand Sifting
How far down can we dig?
Team work.
Castle building.
Collecting leaves, feathers and shells.
The breeze feels so nice.
Someone is looking pretty cool in his red sunglasses. 
Hey guys, I'm bringing more sand.

What a great first summer day Fieldtrip.  More great days to come..Until next week.  Peace and happiness to you all.