November 21, 2016

Let there be Fairies

Boys can play dolls and girls can play hotwheels so who gets to play with the little fairy toys?  Are these boy's toys or girl's toys? Well, here is a great week on fairy play, creative projects and the making of an Outdoor Learning Center, right smack in the middle of our garden. And better yet, it engaged both the boys and the girls. 
Let there be Fairies!
Fairy Trees are bright and colorful.  Some serious thinking going on here.  Small motor skills at work.  They collaborate and share, just the kind of skills everyone should have:
Planting Fairy Trees connect the children with their outside world.  Our Fairy garden is smack in the middle of our Vegetable garden:
The kids wanted to plant in their vegetable 
garden as well.
 Making Fairies for ourselves:

Preschool work to support our learning:

Our Fairy Garden is now considered an Outdoor Learning Center where we will continue 
to add and play:

Leaves Leaves and more Leaves:
Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends around the world from
A little hike in the woods.

November 12, 2016

A Step Back In Time-Columbia State Park Field Trip

Our kiddos all deserve an opportunity to explore their world around them.  We always take time to learn inside our home based preschool, but if an opportunity arises to take a fieldtrip with our little we, a Step Back In Time!
Columbia State Park-Historic Gold Rush Town

Time for some rock climbing on the limestone that remains as a permanent reminder of the relentless search for gold.
The kids found a corral and one started mimicking a horse on all fours by chasing the kids around.  The laughing was contagious.  Loved every minute of it!
                 ♥Another great day with PattyKakesKidz♥
Our fun never stops!