September 25, 2012

You're 5 Already?!

Riley has celebrated his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and now his 5th birthday with us here at PattyKakesKidz.  It's become an expectation to celebrate with friends, make music, and bake and eat cupcakes.  We love just being with each other and working together cracking eggs, measuring oil, smelling the aroma and enjoying our birthday creations. 
Happy 5th Birthday Riley! 

Our recipe included cake mix, oil, water, and 3 eggs.

Now on to the mixing!

After the mixing comes baking.  In the meantime the kids played legos and monster trucks for 20 minutes.  Then, while the cupcakes cooled, we enjoyed lunch.  

Next, frosting the cupcakes.

The kids were so excited to frost their cupcakes.  They were chatting and frosting away!
Next comes the singing and the blowing out of the candle.  Just before we dig in and eat away!
A group shot while Riley mixed the cake mix earlier.
Best Wishes My friend 
from PattyKakesKidz!

September 22, 2012

The Kidz in the Yellow Shirts!

You know those days when you see your baby accomplish a milestone and you are overwhelmed with emotions, your eyes well up with tears and even before you know what hits you, they come streaming down your cheeks?  Well, this just happened to me.  Not with my own babies but with my preschoolers that I love so dearly. Here they are, so politely sitting in the front row of a Family Day concert at Oakridge Mall.
One by one, I am approached by mommies with questions about who were the children in the yellow shirts, where are they from and comments about how polite and well behaved they were.  I answer the moms politely, trying not to take my eyes off of our preschoolers. Just as the performance begins, they each got goodie bags filled with snacks and drinks. 
 As the music began, the performers shout out questions.  Our preschoolers were the only ones raising their hands to answer the questions.  The performers loved it and couldn't get enough.  So, when they shouted out, who wants to come up here and help us sing, our kids were again, the only ones raising their hands. They were up on on stage about 5 times, and my tears started rolling down my cheeks.

The video above is my first attempt at transferring a video from my iPhone to the blog.  This is so very new to me, as I had to learn how to rotate a video and I had to convert it 3 times, only to come out with a small piece of video I call, LMNOP....
I hope to put in better videos soon.
Now for a few other cute pics from our great morning.
  Everyday we think about teaching these beautiful children.  I think about the ABCs, the 123s, Colors, Shapes, and all the preschool basics.  Subconsciously our children have been learning to be considerate, caring individuals preparing to tackle anything life has to offer.  They are strong, brave, and willing to stand facing all the world, there in their "yellow shirts".  I felt like a "proud mama" and realize now why those tears ran down my cheek.
I love these guys and everyday I believe they are teaching me a thing or two.  Until next week with PattyKakesKidz "and me"!

September 7, 2012


I for one preschool kids all year long, but to keep in the scheme of things, we are officially "Back To Preschool".  September marks milestones for us, those who have now mastered all the preschool basics from previous year and then there are the new children starting who are not quite sure what a glue stick is used for.  My 3-4 year olds act like mommies and daddies, showing the 2-3 year olds "how things are done."  I love this time of year and can't wait to blog all about weather changes, themes we are learning, projects we are doing, friendships that are being made and more preschool being learned.  Join us for another round of PattyKakesKidz 2012/2013.

This week was all about the respect, friendships, the colors blue and purple, the number one and the shape Circle.  We made two puppets each representing ourselves and how we see our friends, we read many stories on feelings and emotions, we painted oceans of blue, did computer drawings, made our own games of our surroundings and then played them with our friends, we wrote in our journals and compared the shape of our faces to shapes, only to find out that we did indeed have "round" faces like a circle.  We did this using mirrors and documenting our findings in our journals.  It was a great week.  Here are some pictures during our face discoveries and journaling it. 
Below the kids are being read a story about a parent who is going to be a mommy.  This was chosen because we have two beautiful families who are expecting.  The story covers the many questions toddlers have about their mommies and their bodies.  It was such a wonderful day.
One of the pages was a picture of a very pregnant mommy laying down on the couch with her feet up while daddy and child were making dinner for her.  Then one of our 3 year old announces, we do that for mommy cuz she's nautious!  We all started laughing.  It was a great wrap up to our week.  Until next Friday with PattyKakesKidz