October 8, 2017

Flight 1-2-3 and Here Weeee Goooooo.....

Well, it's that time of week again.  I sit down, go thru thousands of pictures and decide which make the cut to share about our past week's experiences.  This past week we studied airplanes.  From talking about the Wright Brothers and all their adventures in discovering how to fly, to crafting and wrapping up our week with a trip to the airport.  I must be honest with you.  I was a little hesitant about this fieldtrip for a couple of reasons.  One, we had a new little guy join us, so that's always challenging.  But the second reason, this airport has got to be so tiny, you almost didn't even see it as you drove by.  Well, both these reservations were put to rest when we ended up having a time of our lives there.  Small airports mean, being able to sit on the tarmac and watch the planes fly right by you.  It meant being able to go into the hanger and have a chat with the mechanics who were tearing apart a motor from the planes wing.  It meant walking right up to the airplanes and seeing how beautiful these were up close and personal. As for our new little guy, he was a champ.  He was buddied up with our seasoned preschooler and all went perfectly.  Thanks Dylan for your "docent tour".  You're great!
Enjoy our pictures of this very fun week on: Flight 1-2-3

We started off the week with making a group picture, along with a group discussion about what airplanes can be used for.

STEM Project:

We made paper airplanes, and blew them with straws.  

We had fun with stickers and stories.

We wrote the word [airplane] and counted 3 planes.

Next came our fieldtrip to Columbia Airport to wrap up our week of learning.

Must see videos of these little babes.
And we mustn't forget there were helicopters there too!!
 Thanks for joining us on our flight with PattyKakesKidz!

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