July 26, 2014

Grooving to Sean's Music Factory

What do you get when you combine 30 plus children, a dozen adults and Sean's Music Factory?  A rock'n and groove'n morning of music and dancing.
Two glorious hours with our friends from several preschool and childcare homes.  Thank you all for accepting our invite to support our local talent.  
Sean's Music Factory!
 Love the face painting
 Rock it Steph!
 Right up in front, PattyKakesKidz
 Wow, great group of kids.
 Getting up and dancing!
 Toot Toot says the train.  
Hey, you wanna be my new friend?
How many scarves can I put over your heard until you cannot see through it? What, is this science too LOL?
 The stroller parking lot LOL.
Waiting to fill in the batman mask.
 With face painting, music, sandbox play, painting, play-doh table, sticker art table, trike riding, train table, and an over-all abundance of laughter, running, singing, dancing and making new friends, we all had way too much fun.  Thank you all again and thank you Sean Mendelson for your wonderful performance from Sean's Music Factory 

Love that quirky lil smile Sean.

♥ PattyKakesKidz

July 15, 2014

We Are.....Eclectic Learners!

So the question that always comes up is: "What is your teaching style?"  I so dislike having to place a label on our teaching styles here at PattyKakes Kidz, but I understand the need to know if you identify with the educational choices offered within our community.  Yes, I said community.  I think of our little family of children here as our own community of thinkers, innovators, learners and teachers too.  I learn everyday from our children as I hope I open many doors for them to ponder life and absorb thoughts to help them engage in their world.  So, in thinking this through, I would have to say, we are a group of Eclectic Learners.  We offer what is needed to create a thriving learning environment that evolves as the children's needs change.  This is offered as academic opportunities as well as play opportunities.  Each child learns in a different way through their unique styles.  I honor those differences by offering many "eclectic" opportunities. During the summers we are fortunate to take a multitude of field trips since I believe the best way to learn about our world is to actually "be" in our world.  For instance check out today's fieldtrip:
Curiodyssey-San Mateo

As we enter Curiodyssey, for an environmental education, we first happen upon the water features:

We then explore endangered animals like:

the Badger...

the Fox...

The Otter...

The Bobcat.... 
and so many more animals. 

We then move onto experiential science...completely hands on!


 Air Pressure..




 And the not so hands on..."steam"...
 Once the exploration was complete, we venture outdoors to explore the bay...
                                         The Bay Bridge
                                          San Francisco
                                     Coyote Point Harbor
There is definitely one thing we have all learned.  The respect for our world and the definition of a lifelong friendship.  
Whatever your learning style or philosophy is, here's to you,
Happy Learning!
♥ PattyKakes Kidz

July 6, 2014

Summer Learning & Fieldtrips Has Begun....

Look at who we bumped into: Jake & Neverland Pirates

The beginnings of painting the sky for our Planets Unit.

A trip to see Andy Z in concert.

Great America, here we come...

Ahhhhh, love those roller coasters.

Roaring Camp Railroads

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Hiking for Health...

...with a larger group.

Like those shirts?  Here they are in the making...

These were so much fun to make.  We made 8 shirts altogether.

Rock Climbing to work those large muscles.

Hiking the Los Gatos Trail

Graphing their findings in our sensory tub.

Huge paintings of Saturn done out on the Outdoor Classroom deck.

Cooking Gluten Free Zucchini Bread 

Swim Lessons anyone?

More to come next week with