August 27, 2010

Play Based or Curriculum Based?

There are many questions that are asked during an interview with a parent, but the one question that often is asked is: So, are you a play based environment or do you run a preschool?
The truth is we are both.  A child learns the most through hands on, play-based life experiences.  We learn by doing.  I make plans each month about what I would love for them to learn but I do it through art, music, literature and play. 

Our summer months were very relaxed but through field trips, literature, music and art we were able to reflect on the life cycle of a silk worm, our solar system, caring for our pets, reviewing our colors, shapes, numbers and so much more.  
So yes, we are both, a play-based environment and a preschool environment all rolled into one place, a Home Away From Home! 

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