November 25, 2012

Pilgrim Kidz Set Sail for America

Once upon a time the pilgrim kidz set sail for America .......
They encountered storms, which was depicted here by Ethan and Jovani:
Once landed, they thought they would be ok, until they realized they had no food.  
This is when they met the native Americans.  

The pilgrim kids were met with open arms.

They were also taught how to hunt and cook.

The pilgrim kidz were so happy.  They all smiled while hugging their loved ones.

Prepping for the feast began....

At first, they watched and learned about grinding and prepping portions of the meal.

One by one, they all took turns at preparing the meal.

Final touches were made before the completed meal was set on the table.

 While food was cooking, the pilgrims set off by foot to gather items to make decorations for their feast.
 Working very hard on decorations 
with their friends.

 The meal was complete and ready to enjoy.
After a really large meal, everyone was stuffed.  They all sat back with full tummies.  

Once the clean up was done, pilgrims and native Americans sat together as a story was told to them by their elders.

They all lived happily ever least according to our preschool version that is....LOL.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone from PattyKakesKidz!