July 22, 2016

Human Body Wrap Up and M O R E ......

Slap Me Some Skin Peeps!

So we have finished up our Human Body Unit Study.  The kids loved it all so much, so we decided to make some Mini Me Human Bodies.  Our last part was about adding some skin to keep our bodies protected from infections.

We ended our week by doing some last minute wrap up activities to tie in all we have learned this past month.
The kids wanted to make some small bone pictures since we had discussed them recently.  I had to dig into my Halloween files to get this project out.  

We matched pictures of parts of the body they had learned about.

Now for some extra learning:
How about outdoor painting!

How about Painting Gone Rogue!

How about 
Color Review!


And Numbers Review!

We did a day of Visual Perception and called it;


Then we mustn't forget, we socialized and had loads of fun just playing and exploring.  Remember everyone, PLAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LEARNING AT THIS AGE!!!

I love listening to the excitement in their voices.

We also explore our food, see our little helper here working with kale.

I just have to share something that we laugh about (and possibly cry about too LOL), no matter how much work and play we do here at PattyKakesKidz, I have never seen so much energy.  I wish I could just bottle up what these little ones have and sell it by the thousands.
Love always to everyone, 
♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥