April 28, 2012

To Duck or Snail?

What started out as a planned unit study on “Ducks”, turned into a child-led study on “Snails”. I couldn't resist the enthusiasm the children had for this learning opportunity. So, here it is; to Duck or Snail?!

The hunt for sleepy snails began Monday morning.  I actually had this great idea on ducks for the week.  I mean, we were headed on a fieldtrip to the farm, so ducks seemed appropriate.  The kids had a different plan though.


The kids were screaming every time they found a snail as we collected about 10 of them.  One for everyone, plus a few extra (just in case).  We made a habitat for them with rocks, soil, dead leaves, lettuce and misty water.  The lid goes on and I thought that would be the end of that.  Nope, we had to race the little critters too.  

We came up with a "race track" for these speedy little creatures.  Ok, I know; they aren't as speedy as the kids think.  You'll be surprised though at how fast these little guys can slime away.

With buckets of water to wet the children's hands before handling the snails, food coloring to document snails, and the race begins.
Rules were being discussed in this picture.
Hey, mine is getting a piggy back ride.

Children screaming and cheering for their racers was heard from neighbors far far away.

Holding the winners gently and appreciating our little friends was the next step.

Racing was so much fun.

We can paint pictures of snails too then cut & paste them on leaves.

Nothing like digging into cold wet clay.  Hey, let's make our own snails.
Naming them before they head home was another connection.
His Name is SLIMEY
The last day of the week; it's time to set them little creatures free, as they have families to get to.

We must bring a few flowers as gifts before saying goodbye.

To Snail or Not to Snail, that is the Question.....................
Love even the little things: PattyKakesKidz
Follow your child's inner intelligence.  
You'll be surprised where they take you.

April 20, 2012

Earth Science

This activity was filled with discussions, questions and kid's interpretations.  What is earth, where is earth, where do "I" live, where does rain come from, what is a cloud?  So many questions and so little time, but put it all together and our 3 year old can tell you all about it.  Follow us here on an activity done by PattyKakesKidz.

Flora and Fauna 
 Our Birds
 Our Butterflies and Bean Sprouts in the window.
 Can't forget the Whales
 Our morning set up before the children arrive.
 Outlining the continent.
 A pencil sketch of land.
 Painting the bodies of water.
 Painting Africa.
 Group working together.
 This is just a small island she explains.
 The water cycle.
 My clouds are grey.
 Well, my clouds are always black in Morgan Hill.
 As one works on the body of water, the other works on the raindrops.
Now to put it all together in a poster.
 The glue goes here.
Just squeeeeeeze a little more out.
And we are done!

Tis the Season"s"

A week of Earth Sciences.  One topic, our 4 Seasons.  We were surrounded by blooming fruit trees to aid us in discussion on our topic.  Check out PattyKakesKidz smiles as they discover our ever so changing seasons.
Cold, wet and yes, it tickles.
Press here for our Summer tree.

It really tickles right at the elbow.
Spread those branches, ummm, 
I mean fingers LOL.

Let's count, one, two,.....
Watching intently.

Giggling even before the arm is painted. 
And the fall tree goes....here.

A summer tree in the making.

Now it's time to paint our teacher's arm.
Oh yea, this is cold and tickles.
Everyone gets a chance to paint teacher's arm.

Now it's time to make our trees come alive.

Pink blossoms on the apple tree for spring time.

The ambiance of birds chirping while working below the blossoming apple and loquat trees was just right. 
The final touches on the ripe apples during our summer season.

Proud to share their vision of the 4 seasons.
PattyKakesKidz, just another group of brilliant minds!