April 15, 2011

~ San Francisco Zoo Field Trip ~

Lions and Tigers and Bears,    Oh My!

What a wonderful day we had at our San Francisco Zoo field trip with Patty Kakes Kidz!  Follow our blog and look at what a full day from 9am till 4:30 looks like with 2-4 year olds.

At the entrance, our first pose.  They are so anxious to see the animals. 

Another pose before our first animals.  They're getting restless, but know they must stop for my camera.

We stop to see guinea pigs, meerkats then ground squirrels.  The kids then climb in a hole to pretend they are ground squirrels too.

After alligators, turtles, turkey vultures, hawks and more, we head over to the petting zoo.  Ahhh, to brush a goat.

Vrooom, I'm coming through!

Cool tractors to ride too!

Giddy up cowgirl!

Next, the bug center!  Now that's a hairy turantula. And glad those hissing roaches are in a tank!

The kids loved the little penguin.

A ride on a big bear just before seeing the real thing.

The King of the Jungle refuses to even look at us.  What do you expect from the king?!

Oooh, a double headed peacock!

After a mama ant eater and her baby, a white crane, a rhino and a hippo, it was time for a little rest by the wetlands.

We enter the rainforest and see an anaconda up close and personal.

One of my all time favorites; the gorillas!

The giraffes were picture perfect.  Each marking was as though someone had hand drawn them for the world to see.


 After lunch, a little trip to the carousel brings big smiles and a little fear.  No worries, we're here for you.

A long day of many more animals.  Too many to post pictures of.  We saw zebras, monkeys, otters, scorpions, seals, and so many more.  Now for an hour drive home as the little ones fight sleeping and lost. 

Have a good rest my little friends.

Until our next fieldtrip with PattyKakesKidz


  1. What a great day they had! Thanks for taking such good care or our little critters!