May 31, 2016

Community Helpers are Everywhere!

In the beginning of the week we had a discussion about community helpers.  I asked the children what did they think it would be like if we didn't have police officers, garbage men, postal workers, or construction workers.  It started them all thinking and sharing their different ideas.  It also opened a discussion about what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up.
Here are some of the projects we did to support our theme:
Police Officers


 Cheesey Garlic Biscuits
Construction Workers

I neglected to get pictures of the kids cleaning the local park.  Here is a final product of their craft.
 Here is a Farmer picture.
Here are a few miscellaneous pictures of the kiddos projects.
We had so much fun working on Community Helpers.  Until next week when we talk about the need for H2O - On the Go!
♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥

May 30, 2016

How Are You Feeling?

From one moment to the next, our emotions can change on a dime.  Johnny is happy until he notices Tommy has the cool car he wants, then he's mad.  Or Jane is feeling tired when she notices little Susie is riding a bike, so adrenaline kicks in and she jumps to ride at a moments notice.

It is our job to offer emotional guidance and at the same time,  acknowledge their feelings.  This can be a tricky situation.  I've seen teachers tell a child, who's mom just dropped them off, "I know you are sad because your mommy just left."  That only makes them cry harder.  You can acknowledge their emotions and validate them without influencing their experiences.  Something can be said like, "Let's say see ya later mommy, I know you'll be back this afternoon."  The child will look at you and realize their mom is actually returning and not leaving forever.  You validated their emotions and helped them put them into perspective.  Not everyone agrees with this thought process, but I have found helping a child understand why they are sad or mad or even happy helps them understand their own feelings.

So this week's theme is All About Feelings:
 We're feeling pretty content to hug a friend. 
Look at the sincerity in their little faces.

 Friends complete a happy face using clear stones.


We draw how we feel.

We paint how we feel

We are sometimes surprised!
And sometimes we are angry!
We can play matching games about our feelings.
We learn how to name our feelings.

We can read about our feelings: Mad Mouse!
And make a puppet to learn about our feelings.

And connect with our story by coloring about our feelings.

No matter how we feel, it is validated here at PattyKakesKidz! 

May 16, 2016

Pets and more and more and more.....

Even though our theme last week was all about pets, somehow we got caught up in just having loads of fun.  We went crawdad hunting, bubble chasing, water playing and yes, we did preschool and learned all about pets.  Check us o u t....

Let's match Pet's Shadows:
From Gardening to Bubbles
We're all over the place!

Wow, look how tall this is now.  It's bigger than I am!


Dog Painting

Off To Catch Us Some Crawdad!
The beginning of hot days calls for cool water!
Our Last Pet Project
Until next week when we discuss our Feelings!
Let's Be Happy