March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Every week, we take any opportunity to create connections between language, art, math, music, literature and science.  This past week, we recognized and celebrated 
Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  
Check out some 
Seussical and educational fun.

The Cat in the Hat, an all time favorite.

Everything we do get's displayed through out the week for our children to share with their families.  It validates their hard work and offers opportunities to let families see just what it is we do all day. Hmmm, a very colorful and busy day was had by all.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.
   Each day we chose a different book to read and discuss.  We followed it up with a hands-on activity which the children absolutely loved.

The Lorax
"Unless Someone Like You Cares A Whole Awful Lot, 
Nothing Is Going To Get Better, It's Not" 
The set up for making Truffula Trees.

 If technology is used appropriately, it can provide a serious positive impact, as you can see the computer in the background showing Truffula Trees.  Each morning at breakfast, we allow 20 minutes of supervised and orchestrated television.  What does that mean you ask?  Well, for this week we wanted to watch The Lorax, something I have not seen yet, but most of the kids had with their parents.  We watched exactly 20 minutes a day and continued it each morning like chapters in a book, so on day 3 we decided to discuss how important their roles in life are at protecting our earth and just exactly what value it is to have plants on it.  Then we painted and drew our own Truffula Trees, which you can see above.

Fox and Sox
Plus many other worksheets
Each day when the kids walked in their class, I had fun worksheets.  The maze helping Thing 1 find Thing 2 was one of them.  Despite what many people think, kids love worksheetsThe second worksheet was a bit more difficult.  They had to cut out socks and match words to go with the picture. Then paste them into their boxes as a set.
  Each morning the kids engage in preschool time with Teacher Cassy.  During one morning, I was making the playground rounds to check everything was ready for our outdoor fun.  I peeked in the window and was beaming at just how hard the children were concentrating. They didn't even know I was watching LOL. 
  Once I came back in, I got another glimpse from the other side. We take any and all opportunities to get kids involved in their world through so many forms of learning. If I do anything at all, I hope the best thing I can do is instill a love of learning.  
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
♥Love, PattyKakes Kidz♥

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