October 22, 2017

♫ A Camping We Will Gooooo....

Marshmallows, hiking, tents, fire pits, fishing, bear hunting and more.  This was a fun week of Camping, but somewhere along the line, I forgot to pull out my camera. This means we are limited on pictures for this week's blog. Enjoy the pics I was able to take.
What did we learn here?

Taking a theme each month allows us to tie in our curriculum with real-world situations.  We open with discussions and questions.  Like, "who here has ever gone camping?"  or  "what kinds of things do you need for a camping trip?"  When we discuss and move forward into our preschool activities, the kids feel connected and build an understanding that we "all" are learning about the same things that the world knows about.  We now are part of a bigger picture.  So the above picture we talked about bears, where they live, could they ever come to a campsite, the environment as to where they live and so on.  As the kids cut, glue, lay out their bear poster, they also learn about classroom materials and how to use them appropriately.  Check out the kids here working on their bear poster: 

Our colors are Orange and Black this month.
We also made Tent posters with small pictures of themselves inside their tents.

Even enrichment sheets have their place in our learning environment.
Counting Five Marshmallows

We made finger paintings of fire pits.

Then we went on a Bear Hunt
With all our indoor activities, we also hang out at the park to get those wiggles out.

We talked about camping up in Alaska and the types of birds there are out there.  
In this case, E is for Eagle 
Well, as mentioned, I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped.  I think it's safe to say though, we took enough to give you some idea of how much fun we had.  Off to prepare for the upcoming theme. 

October 13, 2017

♫ Oh PattyKakesKidz Had A Farm, Eeei Eeei Ohhh♫

And on this farm, they had some piggies...and an oink oink here, oink oink there.....then they all GOT INTO THE MUD!

And on their farm they had some D is for Ducks...with a quack quack here....

Aaaaaand, on their farm they had a Cow...with a moo moo here, and a moo moo there (milking our cow and making butter toooooo)

These little guys also got to express themselves after working hard on our farm....

And no farm is complete without some some corn art......

There's nothing sweeter than a friend helping another friend wash their painted hands.

I guess we needed to get some school work done too while we "are at preschool you know" lol.

 Just another week in the life of PattyKakesKidz!