December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas

Kidz start arriving around 7:45am.  After a long day of preschooling, playing, eating, resting and cleaning up, we reach 5:30pm.  The partying hours are about to begin:  We make the potty rounds, getting on our yellow tshirts, shoes all on the right feet, brrrr, it's cold outside so we must bound them all in jackets, hats, gloves, and scarves. Now off to dinner, hot cocoa at Starbees (aka Starbucks) and Holiday Lights.
First, Pizza.  Trying to get a picture of each child while they run through the playstructure in Round Table Pizza was difficult.  Got them all sitting down to color was easy though.
We gathered up the kiddos after a good dinner of pizza and salad.  Again, did the potty runs, shoes, bundle and seat belted into the cars.  Drove off to Starbees, bought hot cocoa, and then drove off to the Holiday Lights.  

 As we enter the courtyard, we sign in the register, as PattyKakesKidz.
 One by one the kids run off to explore a little hidden treasure of lights and fun.
 The two boys were the first to discover a play area of trains.
 You have to look close to see the little Christmas Characters in the rocks.
 They are strewn over and under the bridge too.
 I would find pockets of the kids squeeling with delight at a new charming find.
 Out of kindness, a child came running over to our group to give them each an ornament. Our little group shouted out, Thank You!
 I can read his thoughts;  
"If I stretch hard enough, I can almost reach the deer."
 Everyone commented on how cool to have lights in the grass.
 Ooops, almost stepped on those lights.
 There was just so much to see in every little corner.
 I tried to get a landscaped shot with 2 different settings on my camera, and it was difficult. 
Santa came out though LOL.
 I love this shot of the reach up to the lights.
 These 3 look like: The Ghosts from Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet To Come....
Do you know what that's from?   
 Merry Christmas from our PattyKakesKidz to all of you. 
May you all find Peace, Love and Happiness.
Peace to All and Happy New Year.  Until 2013.....

December 14, 2012

Mixin a bit of colors

The children and I spent some time discussing how colors are made. We talked about Primary colors and Secondary colors.  It turned into a game of who can remember, but to start this game, we made our own color charts.  Check out the kids as they explore and mix colors.
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Yellow + Blue = Green

It's a colorful world here at PattyKakesKidz. 

Just a bit of Art

Art is in the eye of the beholder.  My little preschoolers do have an eye, as you will see.  Take a look at what they did after we read the story called: Snowmen At Night.  Check out the page they replicated. They are great! 
The cover of the book.

The last page of the story.

 Jovani's version. (age 5)

 Noli's version (age 3)

 Nate's Version (age 3)

 Natalia's Version (age 4)

 Ethan's Version (age 4)

 Piper's Version (age 4)

Ok, I had to get in on the fun, my version. (age, TBD) LOL