February 28, 2013

CuriOdyssey and more..

Science, animals, ocean front, warm sun with slight breezes, preschoolers on a field trip to the CuriOdyssey. What a great way to spend the day with PattyKakesKidz.  Not only did we have a great day out and about, but we also wrapped up our day with a little science of our own.  Check us out here where we show off how much fun we had together.
Walking into the museum, we were greeted with an Inka Biospheric System, where the koi fish pond provided nutrients to a panel of garden plants and the plants in turn filtered the water for the fish.  They help each other grow and exist.  There was bok choy, swiss chard, celery, parsley, morning glories and so much more.

Catching the Bobcats hugging and resting was a fun sight for the kids to see.
The kids were watching a road runner just after seeing a Snowy Egret.
We spent quite a bit of time watching the playful otters splashing and showing off for the kids.
Showing a friend how the friction can 
create this light.
The kids show just 
how cuddly and loving they are.
My favorite picture of our PattyKakesKidz.
A great shot of the kids exploring 
in the halls.
After lunch, we walked to the local park 
and this was our view. 
After returning home, resting and having snacks, it was time for a little simple science.  The white stuff in front of the kids is shaving cream.  The containers hold water colors and droppers.  Watch when science and kids get together. 
 We didn't want to clean up everything and not have a memory of our science, so each child placed white construction paper on top of the foamy mess and made art.  What a full and wonderful day for us all.
Until next week....

February 22, 2013

Andy Z at Westgate

Every month, Andy Z does a performance nearby.  We have his CDs, we color his coloring pages, we sing his songs and act out the Mr. Scarecrow dance.  The kids just can't get enough of this guy.  Check us out here at his last performance this week.  Apologies for poor picture quality, I forgot the regular camera. But a pictures worth a thousand words and here they are....
 Singing, "Welcome to My World" 
♫bah bah bah♫
 The sun shining during "3 Little Birds" song.
Showing "3 Little Birds" with their fingers, 
while singing.
Blowing a bubble with 
"Sticky Bubble Gum" song.
The bubble is getting bigger and bigger.
Oh no, it popped on their nose.
  Scarecrow runs through the fields (the mall).
It's a 1-2-3 and awayyyyyy, he goes....(all "you know what" breaks loose as the entire crowd runs through the mall, then back again to their seats to be frozen in the fields.  
Too much fun and laughing.
 Shake, Shake, Shake your Sillies Out. (dancing)
 Kids laughing and enjoying Andy Z.
 Farewell to AndyLand..
  High Fives to all our kids from Andy Z.  
Until his next performance....where the kidz in the yellow shirts  meet up with Andy Z again, 
at "His World".

If anyone knows how, please advise me on how to insert a small song here below this post.  I wanted to have the song, "Goodbye to My World" by AndyZ.  It would have been a great final touch.  Post how to in the comments below if you know how. Thanks and hope you enjoy our weekly blogs.

February 14, 2013

The Birthday Girl

There once was a beautiful Magnolia Tree.  Down came the petals off the most pinkest flowers ever.  A wish was born, the beautiful Noli.  Happy 4th Birthday Noli.

The beginnings of yummy birthday cupcakes were made by all.

My counters were so clean, Nate looks like he was melting.
 Happy Birthday friend Noli. 
Hope your wish comes true!