August 27, 2017

An Eclipse and Preschoolers

Cover your eyes then get ready to peek and check out our PattyKakes Kidz exploring the famous one day event of the eclipse of 8.21.2017

Thanks Kelly for bringing us the glasses!

The following are just a few adorable pics of our kids just being KIDZ!
Oh, was that your shrimp on the skewer, LOL!

Have a wonderful day everyone.  Until our next blog.
♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥

What Does Fire and Water Have in Common?

The answer to the question is, PattyKakesKidz Preschool and Childcare, that's what they all have in common.  

Let's move on to our learning adventure pictures to see these kiddos in action:
They will do everything and anything to learn about their world.  I have so much pleasure spending my time with them every week.  They are so inquisitive, ambitious, strong-willed, eager to learn and the cutest bunch of kiddos I have seen this year.
See them creating their fire hats.  Our Fire Week we learned about how fire can be dangerous, yet, we also can harness it to use as a source of heat and for cooking.  We worked on activities, told stories, made hats, did several fire drills and pretended to roast marshmallows.  Oh my it was a great week.  


And we just trim our badge right here.....

We just add a bit of glue right here.

 This badge must be cut out just right!

 That's exactly where I want it so when I wear for all to see.

The kids spent the week making fire art, then taping it to our loft.  They wanted to pretend the loft was on fire, so each day, it got worse and worse.  They LOVED it and their imaginations went wild.  See one of our cuties here with her home made fire hat.

Here is one of our youngest.  He is only 2 1/2 years old.  He totally understood everything we learned this week.  Isn't he adorable?

This little one already has the flaming red hair.  We just enjoy her so much.  She keeps our days very exciting with all her hard work and crazy antics.

Talk about crazy antics, you will never find a child with such a belly full of laughs.  He has the best laugh ever.  We will miss him, as he just started off for kindergarten.

Uh, who let this lady in the picture?  ha ha ha, yup, that's me, Miss Patty of PattyKakesKidz!

Tracing our way from Fire person to Fire objects.  Great job!
Now for some good old fashioned shaving cream play
(pseudo FIRE)

Well, that's it for our Fire Week, next up....Our Water Week

The first discussion, is what lives in water.  We had to paint our water poster, then adding the animal life began.
This picture above is them busily engaged in creating water life for our body of water poster they made.  This all started after a morning in the creek (body of water), looking for a crawdad in low waters.  They wanted to help their fellow creature and place it in deeper water to survive.  Check out these adorable pics.

 Now for our Water Cycle

This blog is getting ridiculously long.  I just can't seem to get enough of these fun little kiddos.  Next blog, our Eclipse!