May 22, 2011

FieldTrips with our Friends

Fieldtrips are just another part of our program here at PattyKakesKidz.  Exploring their environment in a safe and exciting way opens their eyes to all the world around them.  Here is where we went last week. 

One of our preschoolers moved away two weeks ago.  We planned a trip down to his home and a walk to his local park.  Riley was so very excited to share all about his new home.  Right next to the park, the kids were sitting at the park bench, exploring the tractor in the field. 
See picture below.
Waving to the local farmer.

A couple days later we went to Chevy's Restaurant for a tour of the restaurant.  We saw tortillas being made.  Went into the cold refrigerator. We walked through the kitchen and met the staff preparing fresh salsa.  We made our own burritos and had a wonderful time talking to the employees at Chevy's. The restaurant was all ours.   
The Making of Tortillas

Gathering around the lunch table.

Enjoying a good lunch.

Here is my burrito I made.

Well, I guess I'll try to make a burrito too.

Now that's a burrito.

I love warm tortillas.

The Chevy's staff was so welcoming and great with our children.  The kids all received certificates to return for a free meal, compliments of Chevy's in San Jose. 
Thank you Chevy's.

May 11, 2011

Boyz vs. Girlz

When you think boys, you may think blue, cars and fast.  When you think girls, you may think pink, dolls, and dress-up.  Read our blog and see how beautiful it is to be free of stereotype.  A typical morning is breakfast, clean up, and then we head out for our morning play and social hour.  As I do the daily sweep up of leaves from our loquat tree I hear one of the boys say, "hold on, I'm gonna go get a babydoll."  The other boy shouts out, "hey yeah, me too."  Our third boy rushes into the playroom and grabs a doll and a pink stroller.  I start to smile at the cuteness of these little guys.  So, I continue to sweep, when I glance over at the girls.  I notice they are both at a tool bench.  One is sawing a sign and the other is hammering one.  I wander a little closer so I can catch their conversation without causing interruptions.  I hear them humming a tune of "♫um ah, goes the little green frog one day♫" and I watch them working hard at their projects.  I try to hang close as the children busily engage in play and friendship.  Eventually the boys come over to the girls and before you know it, they all have a doll and something to push them in.  They come to me to tell me they want to make a hospital, a park, a home, a grocery store and a play area and they want me to make the signs.  I do this and one by one, they all rush around the back yard to put up signs on everything.  So here is their story:

 One day a group of friends took their babies to see the fire works (I had the sprinklers on).  They clapped and cheered until it ended.

Next, they went to the park where they helped their babies learn to swing, climb trees and slide down slides.

This made for a hungry bunch, so off to a restaurant they went.  Everyone ate and spoke softly cause the babies were sleeping nearby.

One by one, as they finished, they sat with their dolls and waited for each other. 

Once they were all done, they had to take one baby to the hospital and another went to play at the local ball park.

Then there was the stroll to the grocery store.
All in all, this group of children interacted with compassion, sincerity, and an understanding of day to day life.  I saw their parents in their little faces and in the decisions on what and how they do things.  I listened to the conversations about hospital visits for the blood pokes or saw the gentleness in how they pushed their dolls on the swings.  I loved how one would come up with an idea and others would listen and support their ideas by joining in enthusiastically.  All their families are raising beautiful little people.  They should all be so proud.  I know I am because in this world we live in today, I now there are dangers, disasters and just human troubles.  I love that my job allows me the opportunity to foster love and acceptance of one another.  Like I said in the beginning, no stereotype here

May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

For Mother's Day, the children made terrariums.   They started them a week in advance, meaning, not only did they have to make them, hide them, but they also had to care for them for a week so they wouldn't die.  Did I mention, they also had to keep these a secret?  Ha Ha, during our circle times each day, the question was always asked, "did you keep it a secret?"  They always said, "yes!" 

Adding soil into aquariums.

Adding the delicate plants.

Misting our Terrariums.

The Final Gift.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mamas!

Two Left Feet

Art with feet.
The large plexiglass set up with paint and paper.

Smooshing our feet in slippery paint and walking through colors of choice. 
Being 2 years old can be quite difficult when walking on a slippery surface. 
We all couldn't stop laughing at his twists and turns.

A rainbow of left feet.

Someone Turns 4

Yes, our very own Gracie has finally turned 4 years old.  Follow this blog and see what fun she had on her birthday.

♫ This is the way we bake a cake, bake a cake, bake a cake ♫

After baking and frosting, this is the way we
♫ sprinkle on, sprinkle on, sprinkle on ♫
Now we sing
♫ Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuu♫

Last, now for her FAVORITE birthday present from her DADDY
♫ My Pillow Pet ♫

Her Pillow Pet stayed by her side all day, even during nap time.  She loves everything about it and especially so she can cuddle with it anytime she wants.  She was so excited about her daddy's gift and loved telling us all about it.

It's been a long day for you Gracie. You rest now sweetie. Happy Birthday, we love you.