December 26, 2013

Celebrating Christmas Californian Style

Merry Christmas from PattyKakesKidz

When I think Christmas, I think snowmen, cold weather and hot chocolate, but here in California, we get warm weather, sunshine and pizza lunches.  No matter what Christmas looks like, I love that I spent it with our kiddos.
Check us out as we spend the morning exploring the beautiful San Jose Christmas in the Park and all it has to offer.

A quick run to our first stop.  The wishing well.

What a great group of kiddos in their yellow shirts.

Two Acres of decorated Christmas Trees.  Here are just a few to admire.

This last tree belongs to our Childcare Network Organization.  It proudly adorns all the beautiful handmade ornaments made by the many children of our local childcare providers in the bay area.  Come by and see it at space #247.

Friends holding hands

and Friends hugging Friends.

 Kids so cute in Christmas Cutouts

Running and skipping.

Discussing which is their favorite tree out of hundreds.
 The kids found a favorite together, the 
Nightmare Before Christmas Tree.

Walking through Christmas in the Park with our friends. 

Alice and Wonderland Tree was her favorite.

We found the Discovery's TK Tree.

The largest Candy Kiss ever.

 Trying to reach the Train about to pass.

Someone was excited about watching the train.

The outstretched hands couldn't quite reach the train.
 Friends gathered in front of one of their all time favorite,
the Caribbean Frog's exhibit.
 Here they stand in front of another favorite,
the Gingerbread House.
 This one is fairly new and one of my favorites, the Fire House.
 Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider and Sunny Delight
gave everyone the giggles.

Pointing to Santa Clause and his rein-deers.

Enjoying the stroll with their friends.
QUETZY, the bronze Snake honoring Ceasar Chavez.
Climbing to the top of the 8 foot high Snake.
 The Community Giving Tree
The following pictures were our wrap up of pizza and fun as we waited for the moms to pick up.

 ♥Merry Christmas from PattyKakesKidz to everyone♥