January 31, 2013

Hidden Villa Hike

There are so many places in the world I'd love to show our preschoolers, like Hidden Villa Farm among the hills, rivers, trees, and beautiful nature. Here we go....
 Thank you kids for being you.  



All these pictures are being shown in order of our trip.  You'll see much of what we have explored exactly the way the preschoolers got to see their world for the day.

Nothing like wrapping up our long hike with plenty of nummy food to replenish.

Here's our group, including me and our teacher Cassy.  We make a good looking bunch here at PattyKakesKidz.  Until our next fieldtrip to explore our world (which won't be far behind).

Here are some Nature Journals we made to take to on our hike. The kids cut out paper, drew cover pages and punched 2 holes on the side. Then they inserted the ends of one large rubberband through the holes from the back and added a stick to hold in place. Inside are pictures they drew from their trip to show to their families once they got home.  They loved being in charge of making their books, dictating the stories within and sharing with everyone.  What a great day!


January 18, 2013

Moon Sand-Science

Lil Scientists are exploring their world everyday.  Science is all around us, but talking daily with your children helps bring it alive. So, what about Moon Sand?  Is it science?  Is it sand?  Is it from the moon?  What I wanted to know is can we make it or buy it?  Yes and yes.  We can make it or buy it.  You can buy it at many online or educational stores.  Or, you can make it at a fraction of the cost and turn your fun into science too.  Check out our lil scientists as they begin their day at 8am at PattyKakesKidz.  They're ready to make this into a scienterrific day.

Imagine being 3 years old and seeing this set up the first thing in the morning.  The children walked in, took one look and knew right away that today they were going to be able to show how important they were and how what they did mattered.

Cutting, molding, shaping, exploring and feeling the cool moon sand.  This prompts loads of communication and questions amongst the children.

There were so many tools to be used; spoons, bowls, clamps, wooden dowels, play food, colored wood sticks and their hands, eyes, muscles, and the most important one, their imagination!
Here's a nice group shot where they are all 
discussing their findings. 
PattyKakesKidz wants you to find the scientist in you!  Have fun.