October 15, 2013

Uesugi Farm 2014

Here we are again on one of our favorite fieldtrips with PattyKakesKidz; Uesugi Farms located in Morgan Hill. 
The kids wait on a bench while tickets are being purchased for the train ride.

Next stop, waiting for the train to arrive.  
Our PK Kids are so patient.
  Finally, we get on the train and learn that we need to find the 5 golden pumpkins during our journey.

We searched and searched throughout the fields, until we found the first Golden Pumpkin!
← And here is is!!

After the train ride and a mini movie on "How A Pumpkin Grows", we follow our docent to the Lab.

The PK Kids listen as the story is told on the growth of a pumpkin, from seedling to harvesting.

Here they see the Lab up close.

Out of more than 30 kids, the PK Kids were there, right in front listening to the docent's instructions on how to hold a pumpkin when selecting their very own.
 As they enter the pumpkin patch for lil ones, they are eagerly searching for that perfect pumpkin.

Finally, they all have their pumpkins picked out.

Now for the corn field Maze.  Here we learn all about bees and their contribution to our world.  Uesugi Farms named their mascot bee Bootsie.

The kids sought out their favorite characters in the maze. 

Once we complete the maze, we head over to the "real" bees and listen to them buzz and get a taste of their honey.

After taking our lunch break, the kids were off to explore in the hay field.  Running, jumping, exploring and just being kids was what they needed to 
wrap up this day.

The kids were laughing so much it just made me smile all day.
From PattyKakesKidz to all of you, have a wonderful and safe Happy Halloween.