March 5, 2016

The Week of "Oh So Much to Do" Week.

How does one title a week where you celebrated birthdays, new children enrolled, a Themed week of Dr. Seuss, cool bugs, cool class pet and loads of playing indoors and outdoors.  I guess you give it the title I did above.  Join me as I take you on a stroll of our very exhausting, yet very fun week:
Let us begin with our Themed Week; Dr. Seuss
Here is our full bulletin board and wall of the many learning projects we did.  The theme was Dr. Seuss Week, but we also had some free art painting and the letter Q is for Quilt.  The number 12 was incorporated into the Sock on Fox Day, as well as the color green.

Our Friend Turns 3
 Look at her expression as we were all singing Happy Birthday, Priceless!
And her wish is...................
Happy Birthday Marilla!

Making Friends Indoors and Out!
 Showing love to a babydoll.
 Drawing Friends
 Cooperating over our large Little Tykes Mountains
 Cooking and serving the babydoll.

For the Love of Outdoors
Playyyyyy Ballllll! Sitting on the Baseball bench.
 These little guys love the climbing gym in back yard.
 Yes, Park Play with our new friends.
 Really, he's not scared LOL ROFL.
 A stroll along the creek to explore and throw sticks.

 Pet Love
Pets teach us respect of other living things, patience, a love of little creatures, responsibility, the science of fauna and just brings out a sweet side to us all.  Watch here as our Pet Chinchilla struts her stuff for these little ones.  
Bugging Around
We have a bunch of cool insects and arachnids in acrylic.  We placed them on a light that changes colors when pressed on and came up with these cool pics.  The kids loved it so thought I'd share here with all of you.
Have a wonderful upcoming week everyone.
♥ PattyKakesKidz♥ 

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  1. It so fun to see these adventurous kids!! Thank you for posting these pictures!