July 28, 2011

Library Splash

From books, aquariums and a splash in the neighborhood fountain.  PattyKakesKidz know how to have a great summer day fun.

Followed up with a great picnic lunch and a
relaxing afternoon. 
What a wonderful day with PattyKakesKidz

July 21, 2011

Beat The Heat

Summer 2011 has been quite an amazing time here at PattyKakesKidz.  Besides the typical "air conditioner" being put on, we have had so much fun making our own "Raging Waters" the PattyKakes way.  Check out some of our "beat the heat" pictures and see just how much fun these little guys are having.




If I would have let them, I think they would have dove into the fountain.  It was over 90° today.  Just another day with PattyKakesKidz beating the heat. 
Until next week's adventures.

July 17, 2011

Exporing Space as a Preschooler

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NASA Moffett Field Base offers an opportunity to explore space as a family just like astronauts do. 
We head out in our van (The Spacecraft) to Moffet Field and arrive in outerspace. 

We enter the spacestation as the tour-guide explains what all the gadgets do in the ship.  The kids were awestruck.  They wanted to push buttons and ask a million questions.  Our guide was happy to answer all of them, even what is his favorite color LOL.

After the spacestation, they explored rockets, astronaut spacesuits, Mars, Earth, the Moon, moon rocks, videos on "What Happened to the Dinosaurs?", the "Final Broadcast of Last Space Shuttle Launch", and lab boxes with built in gloves. 

The kids were absolutely so excited to explore this space set up.  Once they completed their mission of exploring and asking many questions, we headed to Lakeside Park in Sunnyvale, which had a theme; SPACE.  What a great way to end our Fieldtrip.  We had lunch and took off in our Spacecraft back
Even though they are only 2-4 years old, this opened up new dialogue and vocabulary opportunities for the children of the future.

Until another great adventure with PattyKakesKidz.

I had to share this photo.  The sun was right in their eyes so we had a lot of squinters.  We are with our friends from Tanya's Daycare too.  We love sharing our fieldtrips with our friends there.

July 7, 2011

Keep'n Cool

It was 96°today, but oh what a wonderful day we had at Morgan Hill Aquatic's Center with PattyKakesKidz.  Just look at the faces of our children.  They had fun fun fun.



After a long day in the water, we got into the van and sang songs on the drive home.  Once we arrived, we decided since we skipped naps that a good old fashion movie (Finding Nemo) and some popcorn was a way to end our day.  What a relaxing summer day with our friends here at PattyKakesKidz.