December 17, 2010

Exercising with Friends

Healthy food, good friends, and lots of exercise.

We can all stay healthy this coming season by playing hard, eating right and having fun with our friends. Follow me on this blog and see where a fun day with PattyKakesKids takes you.

Citrus is all around us during the cold season. Stock up and let the kids enjoy a delicious cutie. They love to peel the little buggers themselves and eat away

Find a good park where the kids can explore, just like here.
A train is always a treasure to find.

A good roll down a hill, sans the wet grass, is a great way to get started in warming up.

Swinging on the bars help stretch those muscles, just like little monkeys.

Running with friends to our next exercise stop is a good social opportunity,
not to mention, it gets the heart pumping.

Climbing together is so much fun for balance and strength.

Let's throw those leaves as high as we can, stretch, stretch and throw.....

Just feel those leaves falling down.

Stop and pose for Patty. Oh, she never puts that camera away.

Just another great day getting in exercise and having fun with our friends.

December 3, 2010

November's Field Trip

Downtown San Jose Christmas in the Park
What do you get when you take Light Rail with 11 preschoolers, lots of beautiful Christmas trees, the cold weather and smiles from ear to ear?  
A memorable field trip with PattyKakesKidz!

First, we gather all 11 preschoolers onto light rail.  People were ooohing and aaahing at our children.  I feel like we were on stage, as everyone couldn't get enough of the cuteness of our little friends.  This field trip included PattyKakesKidz and our friends from Tanya's Preschool.  We have all become good friends and enjoy many group fieldtrips with them.     
Look how intense the kids were on the train:
Rules were, stay together, sit quickly so you don't fall and have fun.

Mom, look, I'm on a train!

Up on the knees so we can look for the tunnel.

Sitting and waiting for the train to arrive at Christmas In the Park
Once we arrived, we organized a "Buddy System".  We shout out, "FIND A BUDDY".  Immediately, all preschoolers look for a buddy, hold their hand and make their way through the crowds. 
 One at a time, we stop at each favorite Holiday Display, shouting every time they see something totally awesome.

This group of preschoolers loves to pose for the camera, as you will notice here:

Trains, wow, this is always a favorite.

Oooooh, we are just so excited to be here!

Really, I'm not cold LOL!

After the trees, off to the fountains to have snack.

Pass the snacks please.

Look at me, me, me!
Finally, we round up the group and head back on the train.  We arrive to our vehicle and head home.

If your families make a trip to Christmas in the Park, you will find our group tree there.  It is number 254.  Here is a picture of our tree and also a picture of the ornaments we made to put on the tree.  I plan to go this weekend and put them on. 
I hope to see many families there. Happy Holidays from our home to yours.  
#254 ChildCare Network