January 7, 2011

Vegetable Gardens to Fairy Gardens

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Along with our new year comes new ideas and new adventures.  We began to harvest our Vegetable Garden today and it came just in time to start our new Fairy Garden.

The carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, and swiss chard were ready for the picking. The kids all got their grocery carts, buckets and wheel barrels and walked around our garden naming all the vegetables as we cut them one by one. They asked questions like; “What's that called? Can we try it now? Are there bugs on it?

Can I have one of each? Can I hold and touch it?” They pretended they were grocery shopping as they all got into a line and we had grocery bags set up to collect the vegetables from their carts.
We then took it all indoors and we washed away the yucky bugs and dirt from the garden. We laid them all out to dry. One little guy decided that he wanted to eat his broccoli raw, which turned out to be pretty yummy.
He then ran to our mint garden where he ate a piece of mint so he could have fresh breath.

This now brings me to our Fairy Garden. 

As preschoolers grow, their imaginations explode. What a magical opportunity to share this with children.
We took dried tree branches and arranged them on a base of wood.  We then painted the branches white and added fairy dust.  The children then added moss on the bottom of the base and each child made a fairy nest for their very own fairies.

Fairies were then introduced to the children as each one was handpicked by each child.  This was based on looks, color, and the cute attitudes that each fairy had. 

The children will be learning all about fairies, caring, sharing, being responsible, arts, creativeness and just plain old geniune fun with friends. We plan on caring for our Fairies
throughout the winter.  By the time springtime arrives in April, we will be on to another wonderful springtime garden. 

Just another fun learning opportunity gained through magical moments with PattyKakesKidz


  1. I wonder which kid liked the raw broccoli?! ;)

    -Riley's mom

  2. It was probably Ethan. He'll try anything!

  3. Ha ha, it was Riley. He ate it quicker than I could wash it. He's our biggest broccoli eater.