February 24, 2012

Pearly Whites

Just look at those pearly whites.  Well, at least that's what was said by the end of this week's unit on teeth.  
Check out some of the fun things we did here at PattyKakesKidz.  

SMILE made from marshmallows 
and paper plates.  

 CAVITY Puzzle made from a tooth shape and some markers, then cut out and put together like a puzzle.

A group POSTER of smiles.

 A MATCHING number game that was laminated for future use.  See the little teeth above the character's heads? 
This was a great way to incorporate learning numbers and our unit study.

TRACING of numbers, on a laminated paper so we could use dry erase markers to trace and erase again and a again.

Brushing our teeth after eating healthy is fun, but it is more fun when you can brush your teeth with friends. 

Now, just how shiny are those teeth? Come on, lets see those pearly whites!

Maybe we should have cleaned our faces before we took pictures? ha ha, gotta love those cutie patooties!
After we brushed our teeth, we made a laminated chart to take home and track our teeth brushing for the  month.  The parents loved the idea and so did the kids.  This should help to remind them to brush their teeth twice daily.  

♫♪Brush, brush, brush your teeth, brush them till their white♪♫
(sung to music by row, row, row your boat)

February 17, 2012

Birthdays Shared

Getting science in the kitchen is one thing we enjoy from birthday-cake making plus sharing another year together provides us with a sense of family and friendship.  
It's such a great way to spend our birthdays.
Happy Birthday friends.

Happy Birthday Noli

Great Week

This past week has been busier than ever with birthdays, Valentines and lots of fun learning.  
Check out our past week:

It was fun making heartshaped sandwiches for a  Valentine snack.
Q was for QUILT where we cut and glued patchwork on our Q shape. 

Heart necklaces were made to show our love.  It was fun to see patterning during the making of these necklaces too.

We made friendship bracelets and gave them to our friends. This also included patterning.  
I wish I could have captured the looks on their faces as each child received their friendship bracelet.

Each child proudly walked around and placed a Valentine in each other's bag.  They got such a kick out of sharing Valentines.

The Letter R was for RAIN.

We made homemade Valentines for our parents, which brings me to the next 2 pictures.

We learned how to make cakepops to add to the homemade cards.  This was no easy task, as it took 2 hours, but well worth the time to see our preschoolers at work.

Collectively, we did a group sponging activity to make a large heart poster. This was a 3 square foot poster.

We made silly heart puppets then ran around our classroom singing.

All the activities above, plus library trip, building castles and forts, making 2 mountain lands, designing a map and playing treasure dinosaur hunt, using our preschool workbooks to learn, pretending to be teachers to teach our friends, loads of outdoor play, then last but not least, celebrated 3 birthdays; teacher Cassy, teacher Patty and Noli (new blog of birthdays to follow).

Check out these two boys here playing with the two Mountain lands.  It covered our entire dining room and at one point, we had all 5 kids playing at once.

Two of our three year olds are working together here to do clean up, while singing the clean up song.  They were cooperative, and took turns using the broom and dustpan.

Ooops, it looks like some got under the carpet.
Finally, our last picture is of the children screaming, 
Happy Valentines Day!

From Patty Kakes Kids to all of you, enjoy!

February 3, 2012

2012 First Field Trip

The Children's Discovery Museum was our first trip of the year.  

Vroooom, goes the fire truck.

Next, we are off to the bubble makers.

On to the west wing to build.

Building with large blue blocks and making paths to roll clear balls through was loads of work and fun.

We discover a sand area and puppet tree.

 Now comes the Art Studio.
Next comes the pizza parlor play area.

After lunch, we head over to the Mammoth center and explore all the dinosaur artifacts.

Darn those tusks keep falling off.
Now on to explore the activities and the ambulance.

Last, as we head out, the kids are just dying to run and explore our beautiful surroundings.  We play the "clap, clap, come back game."

Then we discover "THE MAMMOTH"
What a great day we had on our fieldtrip, as always, it's the most fun when we 
are with PattyKakesKidz!