December 7, 2012

Downtown Christmas in the Park

The beginning of December always begs for a walk in downtown San Jose to see Christmas in the Park.  We love making our ornaments for all of San Jose to see.  Check out our preschooler's homemade (waterproof) ornaments and their trip to walk in the city of San Jose.  We went on a quest to find our tree so they could place their ornaments on.  Our display tree #379 is under the name Child Care Network.

Once or twice a month I have a large "group picture" to be decorated.  This month, a Christmas Tree.

Here are our waterproof ornaments we made for our group tree.  We are tree number 379.  A must see!
We have arrived to Downtown San Jose Christmas in the Park.

We stop at Doctor Smiley tree to see all the great smiley faces.

Nothing like a Caribbean Christmas.

We have to stop and watch the train go by.

The Community Giving Tree group shot.

 This is a shot of PattyKakesKidz in front of their group Child Care Network tree #379

This tree was a group effort by all the providers that belong to the Childcare Network.  Look closely at all the cute homemade ornaments.  PattyKakesKidz's ornaments are easy to spot.  They are the water bottle snowmen.

Off to go get hot chocolate now.

Someone was cold, just check out those gloves.
Plus, just a short mention: Gracie is now a kindergartener and we were lucky to have her visiting us today.

Time for Natalia to go home.  Big hugs everyone to say see ya later.

The Fire Chief Office.  I believe this is a new display because I don't remember it from past years.  Love the details.

These little guys were ooohing and aaahing at a display.  See the next pic from NBC that the kids loved so much!
 The NBC Display

Exploring Downtown San Jose was such a great time.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  We walked across the street and decided to check out the beautiful art piece right next to the San Jose Museum.
Check out the kids in the next pic climbing all over the piece.
(disclaimer: no kids or display were harmed in these photos LOL)

After our fun on the structure, we began our walk thru downtown and came across this cute water fountain.  Just had to get a group shot here.
All of PattyKakesKidz would like to wish you a very safe, warm, giving and loving Happy Holidays.

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