June 25, 2016

THE HUMAN BODY Summer Unit Begins!

Each week we enjoy a new unit to study, but during our summer months, we choose just one topic to learn about.  This summer we have decided to learn all about our Human Bodies.  These pictures are just the beginning of so much more.  Enjoy seeing how inquisitive these little ones can be.  I hope this unit inspires you to push the envelope of just how much a little person can learn at a very young age.  Enjoy!

Our Brains
This is the first page of a booklet they made, showing how to use their brains to identify and remember shapes.  It was a way to wrap up our year of learning about shapes and combining it with one of the ways we can use "our brains". 

Our Eyes 
(what color are yours?)
After learning about our eyes, we made a silly Eye Monster.  This gave us a chance to remember how to count and recognize numbers. 

Our Digestive System
(starting with our esophagus ending with our intestines)

Here is our snack.  It consisted of cheese sticks, crackers, blueberries and strawberries. 

Here is a simulation of our snack. We used pompoms for a strawberry and blueberry.  Then foam cut outs for the crackers and the cheese stick. 

In another baggy, we had the kiddos fill it with the "real" snack and let them use the baggy to simulate their stomachs.  

So the squishing began to represent the digesting. 

Pretty cool.  The kids said it reminded them of smoothies.  It was a real "hands on" experience.  

Once done, they created an esophagus with food trailing down and intestines to represent how to get rid of all this food.  

Soon, I'll show you how it all looked put together. 

The Heart 
"Pump It Up"
In order for them to understand how and what does a heart do for us.  We filled a water bottle with water and red food coloring.  The kids would squeeze the bottle and make the sounds bump bump-bump bump (to represent the sounds of a heart beat).

Time to paint our hearts.

 We added our veins & vessels to help transport blood from the heart to our bodies. 
We then made mini me's showing our hearts with veins & vessels.

Look, red marker looks just like real blood!

Put it all together and we have the first phase of the makings of our Human Bodies.
Soon to come:
How Do We Breathe?
Bones Hold Our Bodies Up!
Slap Me Some Skin!
Just another day here at ♥ PattyKakesKidz ♥

PS.  I hope all you dads had a great day all to yourselves on Father's Day.  The kids enjoyed making your gifts that came from their hearts.