October 29, 2016

Farm to Fall-The Preschool Way

I have come to love our beautiful weather here in the city of Sonora.  We are surrounded by mountains, sunshine and of course, our cool and wet weather.  The sounds of trees crackling in the rain is straight out of the movies.  What better time to celebrate our beautiful weather during the times of fall.  The colors are out of this world.  Join me as I show off a couple weeks of Farm to Fall, the Preschool Way...

We don't let the wet weather stop us from enjoying nature.  What's a little rain anyhow?  We used trees on our hike as umbrellas.  We ran, stomped in the rain, giggled and collected nature on the trail to share in our preschool room.  The kids plan to glue caps onto acorns, which we plan to do next week.  

Enjoy these adorable pictures of our kids in one with nature, the preschool way!

On the way home, stomping in water puddles was a must.  The people in the offices behind us were falling over themselves laughing and shoving to see them playing in the rain through their windows.  

We have turned into little celebrities here, called: 
The Kids in the Yellow Shirts!

Hey, how did this picture get in there? LOL
Just a little selfie practice.

Time to explore our findings

How about a little homemade applesauce?
"Apples, honey, cinnamon, lil ones to help"

This is the longest Apple Skin Spaghetti I have ever seen!

I'll take a little of that Apple Spaghetti too! lol
Rule: No lil ones in the kitchen, she snuck in LOL!

Exploring farms, the preschool way!  

At Cover's Apple Ranch, it was a perfect way to explore farm life for animals. 

Then back at preschool, our group explored different ways to share what they learned about farm animals and their lives.


What else can you do other than carve a pumpkin?  Well, paint it of course!
 What about tissue paper pumpkins too.  They are so colorful!
 As you can see, we also are studying the different leaves from our trees!

We had seasonal matching of shapes, cutting and gluing spider on web, cutting and matching pumpkins, along with lots of prewriting.

Who says we have to be indoors to learn.  How about clipboards, markers and self teaching themselves how to write.  If I haven't mentioned this before; I love my job!  Until our next month (my favorite one; November!).
AKA Kids in the Yellow Shirts