November 29, 2015

2015 Thanksgiving Get Together

Oh how I miss those little ones from the bay area.  Our most recent get together with my PattyKakesKidz' graduates from about a week ago.  I had to share here on our blog just to show how grown up and beautiful they all are.
Here they are enjoying some Thanksgiving Holiday crafts at Round Table Pizza in Campbell.  
Another Great shot of these great kids.

Girls chatting and enjoying a good crafting time. It was great hearing them reminisce about the times when they were little at PattyKakesKidz.

Check out our little one here, who is a sibling of one of our boys. 
 Boys, Boys, Boys!

Who's this little cutie pie?

Intense concentration. 

The question was asked, "who has lost teeth this year and started growing their adult teeth"?

Here's an adorable pic of a handful of little ones.

After pizza, crafting, reminiscing and playing, the mama's got a chance to get in a selfie.  I missed out on a couple of mamas though who had to leave early.  Missed you two.  
This little guy looks at his hand and wonders where all the marker mess came from.  He didn't realize trying to trace his hand could be so messy. 
Out of all the little ones, I only had a chance to get this one picture of us together.  I'm sure some of the moms got one with their cameras somewhere.  Share moms!

Love you little ones. Can't wait to have you all over to see our new home in Sonora Cali!