January 28, 2011

Transportation Week

Sharing about our week dedicated to transportation. 

We started off with a discussion on what "transportation" meant to the children.  While snacking the kids were discussing ways to get around: trains, cars, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, rockets and more.  The kids were so eager to share what they knew about transportation.  Some shared about airplane trips to Disneyland, long car trips, seeing a firetruck by their home, and wanting to grow up and fly in a rocketship.  

We discovered that different size vehicles needed different types of wheels.  We made tracks then matched pictures of the cars that made the original tracks.   

We sought out vehicles in the classroom and raced them all around.

We made airplanes to fly around the classroom.

We told felt boards stories.

We made colorful trains.

We read stories related to transportation.  A favorite here is Thomas the Train.

We spent outdoors with sand vehicles.  We worked on worksheets to show which vehicles were smaller or larger. We learned about road signs and what it meant to them.

This all happened even with our big Wednesday field trip to Emma Prush Farm Park, our Monday park days, our Thursday library trips and all the other learning taking place.  We have a busy group here and we all love learning everyday no matter what.  Until next week's learning.  Follow us weekly and learn along with us.

January's Field Trip

Emma Prusch Farm Park

Once again we had an amazing field trip planned for our children.  Chickens, Roosters, Pigs, Farm Cat, Turkeys, Peacocks, Ducks, Geese, Cows, Goats and Sheep.  The kids were screaming so excitedly everytime they turned.  What a great day. See how much fun they had below.

Driving up, the kids were yelling when they saw chickens on the road.  I noticed their intense excitement, so we began taking a couple "posed" pictures before they ran around.

Here chick, chick, chick.  Imagine those words in the cute voices of little children. 
It's amazing how animals and nature will always be the most beautiful form of entertainment for any age.

Get that tractor going guys.  Hang on....

Ducks are so cool too.  Kids were a little apprehensive in feeding them but they finally gained the confidence to attempt a pet.

Please can we have some more quarters to buy more food for the animals? 

 Oh darn, how could I resist.

Hey Teacher Patty, these aren't pigs.  Yes they are, they are potbelly pigs.  Nooooo, pigs are supposed to be pink.  Ah, um, oo,?? Well, pigs are pink when they are babies and as they grow they change colors and get hairy?    

Hey Teacher Patty, did you see those cool cows?  Yes I did, did you?  Yeah ha ha ha.

Come on buddies, we get to head over to the playground now.

Wait, stop for another pose.  Now that's a big barn as you can see compared to our kids.  Also, we were not alone.  We were joined by Miss Tanya's preschool too.  It was so much fun having our friends join us again.

And now, the infamous playground.

A little break for lunch to refuel followed by a good run in the field.   
Until our next field trip with PattyKakesKidz.  Peace everyone from our friends to you.

January 22, 2011

L, M, N with O to follow...

Each month we cover 3 letters from the alphabet.  Here are some cute examples of the current letters.

L is for Lion

M is for Mouse

and N is for Nest.

Along with letters, the children learn about cutting, glueing, recognizing, sounding out, colors, painting, patience to complete a project from beginning to end. 

It's amazing how much learning takes place in just a simple day of learning a letter.  O will follow soon.

January 17, 2011


A few cute pics of the kids following the road rules.

S T O P means, "STOP!" 

Remember, no crashing!

Time for gas.  Yup, I know it takes some patience, but you must wait till the gas tank is filled. 

I'm just waiting for my ride....Got a ticket?

It's Ok to be CrAzY

Crazy is what crazy does.

Our preschool is filled with fun and crazy days.  From being silly on the playground, to make believe in the classroom.  Follow me on a trip to some fun and crazy days from last week and read the comments below each picture to hear what comes out of the mouths of our little ones. 

Each day brings new and exciting fun things to play.  From drawing crazy chalk pictures on the ground to racing around our track. 

Riley wants to play hopscotch and does so with his helmet still on from the past 2 hours.  I ask, "do you want help taking your helmet off?"  He replies, "no, jumping is dangerous!"

The kids are screaming, "higher, higher, higher."  I reply, "I can't push you too high or you might go around and around the top of the swingset."  The kids laugh so hard, "one replies, it's ok, we can just be fliers and not swingers!"

One of our kids tripped by the sandbox and I let her sit and rest for a moment to catch her breath.  One by one, the kids from the playground run to her side with their chairs in hand and all sit together next to her.  I ask what are they doing and they reply, "we are on timeout with her while she is starting to feel better."  ahhhh!

It's time to ride on the track.  Riley has brought his new "big boy" bike and is having a blast following all the road signs.  He is so generous that he offers each child a chance to take a turn on his new bike.  He yells out his rules, "don't go too fast, don't go past the stop sign, stop when I yell stop, call me if you are done before the stop sign, wait, let me ride it one more time to see if it still works, are you done yet, are you tired..." 

He yells out so many rules, the kids each sit on it one by one and quickly dismount.  They look at Riley and say, "too many rules."

It was so funny to watch, but it was so great for a 3 year old to offer to share, even if there were too many rules.


Inside play was just as much fun to watch and listen to.  Sleeping with a favorite dolly and friend has it's crazy rules too.  Rule number one, I'll share my blanket, but don't take too much.  Rule number two, you have to give it back right when I say, give it back.  Rule number three.  Cover up the baby too in the middle so we can share her.  Again, lots of crazy rules, but each child understood oh to well the meaning of rules.  Too cute. 

Our babydoll bed is just as much fun to sit in and read in the library as it is to be used for a dolly bed.  Ahhh, just kicking back and reading a good book.

These are just some fun times we have on a day to day basis.  Learning is fun in it's formal setting, but when you get a bunch of preschoolers in an informal setting, the craziness comes out and all fun breaks loose.