June 23, 2012

Felton Redwoods

 They say nature is the best playground, and here you will see why.

We pack into our PattyKakesKidz van and begin our 45 minute journey to the Felton Redwoods.  Our first stop, the park to meet up with two other groups.

Next, we headed up to the covered bridge 
to explore with the other groups.

During the run in the bridge, my group collapsed from exhaustion LOL. (so they said)
We then head over to Railroads, first to eat lunch, then watch the train coming in.


Off to the Redwoods Visitor Center.

Next, the hike to explore redwoods, friendships, nature, oh, and banana slugs.




PattyKakesKidz say, explore your outdoors too.  
Health and Happiness to all.

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