January 15, 2017

What's the Common Thread?

I looked at the learning we all did last week.  We studied Veterinarians, Construction Workers and Fairy Tales.  So one may ask; "What is the common thread here?"  My answer is, nothing really, other than the fact that preschool is all about opening doors.  Letting each child explore and find what feels right to them.  It allows them to wonder about growing up and seeing many options in life that they will have.  It also allows for new words to enter into their vocabulary and allows for some awesome dramatic play.  That is my answer to this very interesting question.  Check out how our week has gone from one theme to the next all while enjoying their time in with their extended family; PattyKakesKidz!

The stage has been set.  A Pet Adoption and Veterinarian Center.

Watch them run with it!
Doctor Tanner checks for a heartbeat on patient Caroline.  Doctor Laurel reads how to manage her health!
Next, the kiddos have been into construction.  Not the normal, building blocks kind, which they play with daily, but the working with tools kind.  Check them out as they explore the tools.

Now, for our regular week's them, Fairy Tales:

The Power To Change the Story
We started by reading the story; Little Red Riding Hood.  After we read the story, we focused on the parts that were alarming to the children.  It turns out the sentence, "What big teeth you have.", scares the children.  So we took the character "Super Why" and "zapped" in a new word.  We chose the word, "hands".  Now the sentence reads, "What big hands you have."  To have it all make sense, we also changed the sentence; "The better to eat you with." was changed to; "The better to hug you with."  We then reread the story and make a poster showing what we learned.  The children were so excited to know they had the power to change the story

The Three Little Pigs

That about wraps up our week.  We've been indoors for the entire week, which can be pretty tricky when you want to give the kiddos a chance to run, play and move.  So, we did yoga, dancing, obstacle courses and pretend play.  We did get a chance to get outside twice though to see our river rising.  We literally only got an hour of decent weather to get out, but the kids loved it.  Until next week friends, 

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