October 1, 2017

A Tall Tale (Our Totem Pole Stories)

A child once asked me why there were faces on a tall pole.  When I proceeded to answer, boy did that get my ideas flowing on a lesson for Totem Poles.  So was born;  
A Tall Tale! (theme 3)
 Off on a hike we went to locate a large pole that was easy enough to bring back to preschool.
Once found and dragged back to our preschool, we talked about the kinds of images found on Totem Poles, who made these and how were they made.  First we painted paper images on paper.

Once images are painted, they are displayed outside for the world to see.
 Remember that pole we dragged up, well, base coat goes on first, then we painted our spots on the pole.

 Since this was our "group project", we decided to make mini Totem Poles along with writing a description of "Their Family Story".

Count them, TWO TWO TWO.  

Thanks for joining us on our Totem Pole Journey this week.  Hey, who is that photo bombing in the background? ROFL
♥ PattyKakesKidz♥


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