January 7, 2017

Wondrous Winter Preschool Fun

Our winter time holds many holidays that inspire so many fun learning opportunities. Check out the little ones below having so much fun. If you see anything you're interested in, please comment below and I will share with you.

Brother and sister coloring a huge Thanksgiving turkey.

They're almost done.

Our hand-print Turkey!

The process of painting these hands and adding popsicle sticks was fun.

Community Mapping

Making a Community Book

How Many (counting to 5 and 6)

Recognizing numbers (3, 4 or 5)

Painting Table size Scarecrow

Mapping our school.

Arctic Animals

Distinguishing between Red & Green

Matching Arctic Baby Animals

Do a Dot Arctic Baby Penguin

Can You Find the Baby Arctic Seal?

Red & Green Holiday Shapes

Snowman Tanner

Tracing a Christmas Tree

Sticker Fun!!!

J is for Jingle Bells

J can also be for:
and Jump too.

K is for: Kids, King, Kitten, Kite, Kayak, Kangaroo, Koala, and Keys. How many more K words can you think of?

Tracing and coloring Stars

(Pun intended) Hand Made Ornaments for Christmas

The Process

Mr. A shows the kids how to do yoga poses.  A bit of Yoga to keep us moving during the cold winter months.  

Sun Salutions

Dog Face Down
(LOL, with a twist, see the tails wagging?)

Cobra Pose (these two are so cute)

Hibernation: Did you know?

Koi fish hibernate too by sinking towards the bottoms of their ponds to rest while the top layer of their ponds are frozen over.

K is for Koi!

Painting, slowly and meticulously!

She shares; "I never heard of a Koi Fish."

We learn something new EVERYDAY!

I have to say, I love when the little tongue comes out because it means, this is some serious business I'm working on here! LOL

Spoken honestly, "I love preschool!"

L is for Lemur

Hibernation: Did you know?

The Fat Tailed Lemur hibernates too. They use the reserved "fat" in their tails to provide themselves with nutrition while they sleep. 


Our hibernating theme was a big hit this past week. We made a "stuffed bear". The process was so much fun. So, to continue the question.....

"Did you know?"

Bears can hibernate up to 6 or more months. They eat lots of food before its time to hibernate. They then slow down their heart rate and breathing and find a safe and warm cave or den to sleep until food begins to grow again during the spring months.

Never wake a sleeping bear, they may be grouchy!

Adding embellishments to her little bear. We continued and colored a back outline too. Once dried, we stapled the two together, all while stuffing the insides with poly-fill. Then we painted a bear cave.  When it dried, we cut an opening and added our little bear. This was so much fun!

Coloring the back of the bear.

Well, we just saw work from Thanksgiving thru the beginning of the winter months. Until our next blogging post.

♥ PattyKakesKidz♥

Happy New Year!

Our little yellow ducks explore how fast and how high
the creek was after our big rains!

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